Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Funny Thing happened on the way to the consignment store...

I was visiting Seattle recently and happened to be there the same weekend as a sale at a big gals consignment store called Two Big Blondes. Always looking for bargains, I headed over to browse. On the way I was leaving a neighborhood of very narrow streets in my very large pickup truck when I got to a spot where I would turn left (Eeek!) onto a major arterial street. As I got to the corner a tall, kind of butch, woman with grey hair was jogging down the sidewalk. I stopped to let her cross before nosing out where I could see the cross traffic. I had my window rolled down and my big sunglasses on enjoying the rare sunshine. I made eye contact and waved her on.  She paused mid street, smiled broadly and said, "Hon, you got one great head of hair!" I smiled back and thanked her. What a boost!

Eventually my GPS got me to the store and I parked down a side street where docking my truck was easier than negotiating the store's tiny parking lot. I got out and was walking across the street when a woman who was already in her car rolled down her window and stopped me to say, "I just want to tell you, that color looks fantastic on you!" I had a loose turquoise, teal cardigan on, and it did look great. I told her it was from Macy's and was on sale and we exchanged bargain bonding.

Now with two big boosts under my belt I headed in to the store to look around. As I rummaged, one of the shop gals paused to ask me if I was looking for anything in particular. I thanked her and said I was just browsing. She stopped just next to me down the rack and started chatting with a coworker. They were talking about a group of trans gals that had just left and the one gal said, "Wow, that group of drag queens was a hoot." The first woman commented, "They weren't drag queens, they were crossdressers. They don't perform in shows, they just go out dressed as women and do normal things." Well I don't know if she didn't read me or what, but it was great to overhear someone guiding someone else to understanding instead of making jokes at our expense.

All in all, a marvelously affirming day!                       

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