Wednesday, March 7, 2012


There are advantages to being married to a T gal. My wife has been working through a bout of shingles running along a nerve from her back to her chest. This has given her a lot of pain for many weeks and clothes and underwear just plain hurt. Yesterday morning as she was getting ready she asked me if I had a bra that might be a bit looser and more comfortable for her. Well it just so happened that I did! She borrowed one of mine and set off for work feeling much better.

It's just handy to have someone with spare clothes around. We can't share much except earrings and makeup, but it's still sharing.

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  1. A smart and perceptive woman will learn that there are many potential advantages to being married to a Tgirl.
    Back when the kids were smaller and she was busy being Mom, cooking, cleaning, Mom's taxi, etc., she mentioned that she wished she had a wife.
    Now that the nest is empty I am doing what I can to fulfill that wish. I am learning to cook. I do the dishes most nights and if the house needs cleaning or vacuuming these is often a large part time woman willing do handle those tasks. Just give me a bit of time to get on the dress, heels, etc.


    PS: I do not get out often but the last time I did get out she loaned me a pair of clip-on earings and a necklace. It made me feel special and close to her all night long.