Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's up Buttercup?

So what are the standout things that have been happening? What have I learned lately? How is my life different after 4 months of a new existence???

Well, I enjoy my gal friends a lot more now that they understand who I really am.  And I know that hair spray in your eyeball hurts, and then you're mascara runs and it will only happen when you are almost late for a meeting at work first thing in the morning. I know that a nice pair of warm snow boots gets you into the office where you can slip on your nicer shoes. I know that shared confidences are treasures. I know that going to lunch with a friend on a whim rocks! I know that having the right outfit on the right day gives you a certain power. And that when your friends tell you, "You look great in that color" you should listen.

I know that coloring your hair so it matches your wig means you don't have to hide so much. And I know that pulling some of your hair through you wig cap means you can feel the breeze.

I know that standing in front of a judge and having him declare that you are now legally Dianne is exciting. And especially if four of your friends from "the community" are with you to share it, and then two women attorneys waiting for their cases catch your eye and give you big warm smiles.

I know that holding the fresh new grandbaby of a friend, whose daughter you've known since she was 9 or 10, is pretty awsome.  I know that having co-workers call you "sweetie" or "girl" makes you blush, and they say it because they care about you and mean it.

I know that having your son and daughter in law exclude you from their lives, and your grandchildren's lives, makes you wonder where you went wrong as a parent.  But then you know that it had to work out this way because it is just part of your journey through life.

And I know that having the right people in your life makes your life, Right. And it's priceless!

And mostly I know how lucky I am.

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