Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shh, Listen, We're here.

Well, it's been a while but let me tell you what I've learned.

I live in Boise Idaho, a very Red city in a very Red state. We narrowly escaped our own vaginal ultrasound bill and saw the strident non-discussion of adding the G, L, B and T to our state's anti-discrimination law. Both were shelved because it's an election year and none of our patriarchal legislators wanted to do anything controversial. They just stuck with their usual ethics scandals and attempts to defend their Family First images from their own boorish poor behavior. Nothing quite like the entitled class when it comes to bad decisions and scandals...

In the years that I've lived in Boise I have often felt very alone. I felt like I must be the only transgendered person who isn't being arrested or marginalized.

So I've hidden.

The repeated lesson was that I was alone and it was dangerous out there.

Now I've been poking my nose out a bit and looking for peers. It has amazed me to see how many people I have found just by taking a small risk! I've found a great T support group and met some wonderful people that I love being with. I went to a therapist and was invited to join another group of 10 or so that she shepherds. My laser hair removal gal asked me if I knew so and so and If I knew one of her clients that was getting married.

I keep realizing that we aren't really as alone as we think we are. We are all over the place. At every turn I hear about more sisters and brothers.

By our very nature we tend to be people who just want to freely be who we are and be accepted, and pretty much ignored. Most gals I know are very willing to not be noticed at all. But there are many of us, even in places that are not very progressive and not overly tolerant.

Trust me, I am totally not saying that we should all rise up en masse and march through the streets shouting for solidarity! But it's fun to imagine that if we did we would all be very surprised how many kindred spirits there are that are very close, who are being very quiet.

It gives me strength.

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  1. I think that there are more kindred spirits and fellow travelers than anyone realizes.

    I know that you follow Femulate and you seem to share Stana's wonderment that there would be "T" acceptance, especially of "Womanless Beauty Pageants" in 'red' state places.
    That does not surprise me all that much. When I look at the political spectrum I see the left side with the democrats, progressives, statists, big government/brother folks covering the map along the coasts and in urban areas.

    In your post you use the term 'progressive'. On the other side of the political spectrum you will find small 'r' republicans, small 'c' conservatives, libertarians and folks who would shrink government and cut down big brother. Many on the 'right' believe deeply in freedom and liberty. They may not take kindly to a major march down main street but would find no problem dealing with 'something else'.

    It seems that the main stream media, the large 'D' Democrats and the current administration like to put forward the concept that those on the right are small minded, hateful, greedy and lacking in tolerance. I do not see it that way.

    You may want to check out The Log Cabin Republicans, a 30 year old organization at logcabin.org. This group uses the principles of the founder of the current Republican party, Lincoln, and the concepts of the original republican, Jefferson, as guide posts.

    You may also want to check out a more current 3 year old group at GOProud.org. This is a national organization of gay and straight Americans seeking to promote freedom through free markets, limited government and 'respect for individual rights'.

    I live in a deep 'blue' state. I travel from time to time. In my experience the 'blues' are great at talking the talk but the 'reds' seem more at ease walking the walk. Live and let live.